Which horse won the Kentucky Derby?

It is just a few months ahead before we see another horse racing competition. The Kentucky Derby, which is a two-minute horse racing competition in the US has attracted many fans and this coming May many fans will be in Louisville to witness their favorite event.

While the Kentucky Derby is usually held yearly on the first Saturday of each may and takes place at the Churchill Downs, there have been several winners. The horse racing event is a dream to any horse owner, trainer or jockey. However not all who qualify to participate in this two-minute horse racing win.

Identified as the run for the roses, the horse racing event has been in play since 1875. During its initial days, it was being organized by Meriwether Clack, who is the grandson to one of the pioneering explorers.

Usually, up to 400 horses are nominated to compete in pre-season and championship series. The horses with the highest points are then invited into the Kentucky derby. The race normally comprises of horses not more than 20.

In the year 2019, we saw the ‘maximum security’ enter the race with four wins and every fan was expecting them to leave the Churchill downs with a perfect record. However, it was contrary to everyone’s expectations. The objection from other riders which led to the first disqualification in history interfered with the ‘maximum security,’ and there was no otherwise to witness, ‘country house’ claim the race.

Last note

All in all, 2020 will be another year and we expect no other objection. for you who is adamant to watch this interesting horse racing event, it can be ideal if you know some Kentucky Derby streaming ways which are none other than streaming from the NBC sports official streaming site.

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