What TV channel is the BMW Championship on?

Watching the BMW Championship live online is very simple to watch. The main channels that are airing the event live are NBC and the Golf Channel.  NBC Sports will have some coverage on their station as well. However, the main two channels are NBC and the Golf Channel for every minute of live coverage of the championship.

NBC and NBC sports are airing the BMW championship for those with cable TV. Subscribers of paid cable TV will see every minute of the event coverage. You can also watch on NBC.com or NBC Sports.com. NBC has a golf pass that they are now offering if you want the best access to the PGA tournament and everything PGA.

The Golf pass offers a 7-day free trial and there are three different plans to choose from. There is a $9.99 bundle, $99.00, and a $199.00 bundle that has everything to offer. If you love golf, this is the package for you.

The Golf Channel is also offering the event live for those who have a subscription with their cable service provider. The Golf Channel live streaming gives you 24-hour access to all the Golf Channel content. This includes the live tournaments, shows, exclusive access to all things golf, and more. All you are required to do is log in to your cable service account.

You have several options to watch the event online too. Through your cable TV subscription, anyone who subscribes can go onto NBC, NBC Sports, or the Golf Channel websites to watch the championship live. Just log on to your cable account and you’re good to go. Besides these three options for watching the tournament on television. However, there are more choices for you to watch on an online streaming platform that TV. Most of these come with free trial offers and are fairly inexpensive.

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