Rugby World Cup 2019 Rules need to know

When you are able to watch Rugby World Cup free this year, there are some rules that you may not be aware of for Rugby. We have a list of rules for the RWC that you should know.

This year, there are strict rules for the Rugby World Cup. The municipal authorities are concerned about residents that will not get to see players train or even meet with them at local events under the rule that limits announcements of specific training locations and schedules due to concerns including safety.

If the residents of the area they’re teams are training do not get to see the players, it won’t help rugby grow in its popularity. Having the players out front and appearing at malls and more make residents interested in who these people are and what rugby is all about.

Japan has even sent a request to the training camps asking if they can have permission to hold an event there with the Irish team, and yet to receive a positive reply. There are many cities that are not very pleased, at all with these stricter rules.

Some game rules are that the RWC has 12 teams total. The team finishing 12th at the end of the RWC 2019, will be relegated to the World Rugby U20 Trophy in 2020. There are three pools with 4 teams each per pool. Teams play in form of round-robin basis. A win is worth 4 points, the draw is worth 2, scoring four or more tries gets 1 point, and losing by seven or less, points earns zero points.

There will be no extra time permitted. For the finals, if teams are tied, the winner shall be determined through sudden death, extra time, kick-off, and these are ways to determine who wins. Matches can also be delayed if there is a reasonable excuse for the delay or cancellation.

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