Daniel Jacobs Records, p4p Earnings and more

Daniel Jacobs is ready to take on Canelo Alvarez on May 4th, in what may be the fight of the year.  DAZN is broadcasting this fight live and will be streaming it. In order to watch Canelo vs. Jacobs live, some research may be involved, or you may already have a place to watch it.

Daniel Jacobs has a record of 35-2-0. He also has a total of 29 knockouts. He weighs in at 159.8 pounds and he is 5’11 ½” tall and has the reach of 73”. He is 32 years old and he was born in February. He has boxed a total of 157 rounds and his knockout percentage is 78%.

This man was groomed to be a fighter. When he was growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he would always enter boxing matches, and he won so much that he was given the nickname “Golden Child.” He is the first ever cancer surviving champion. The fight against cancer is one of the biggest that he’s ever had.

When Jacobs was in Elementary school, he was bullied on the playground. He got in trouble at school for defending himself against the bully. Jacobs found out that his bully was in the gym, training to be a boxer. Daniel Jacobs decided he would settle the score and he learned how to be a boxer. In the second sparring session, Jacobs beat up the bully and he was never bullied again. He also found a love for boxing.

He found his niche with boxing and became so successful that his record was 137-7.  Jacobs then had a fight against Golovkin, which made millions of dollars. Jacobs won this fight and cashed out at $1.75 million, which made him one of the top pound- for- pound earners. His net worth is in the millions.

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