Learn about the car types of Indy 500

While we are counting on days to advocate and celebrate the memorial weekend, the Indy 500 will be the main event of the day. It is one of the motor racing that has helped shape the destiny of many Indianapolis citizens.

Indeed the founders of this event, new the symbolic relationship between Indianapolis and the outside world.

With this year’s edition around the corner, it is expected to be there over 500 000 spectators that will be available to cheer the race. However, among many of them, they will be to see what the different types of cars have to offer.

Here we look at some of the types of cars that will be part of this race. Do you also want to learn about the car? If so then read on to know the two types of cars in this race.

1.     The pace car

This is the first type of car that will be part of this event. They are mandated with limiting the speed of other racing cars. They are sometimes identified as safety cars. These cars are very crucial in this race. They will ensure that drivers race but minimize injuries and collisions.

They are usually designed with speed higher than the racing cars. However, they are not required to utilize their capability to the maximum as doing that will imply that they will be off their moderation purpose.

For this year, the Chevrolet Corvette has been confirmed as the pace car to lead the 500 race.

2.    The racing cars

This is the second type of cars in this race. From the name, these are the cars racing for positions. The racing cars haven’t been confirmed yet.

They are usually built with a lower center of gravity to increase their stability. This is to make them have a more excellent balance as well. Because they often not race in a straight, line and are required to make turns around the city. So, if they don’t possess the right stability it can result in messy and collisions.

Last note

These are the two types of cars that make up this event. Each type makes this even unique. While racing cars will be confirmed soon, they will not look much different from each other. What will differ is only the engines and maker.

Be there to watch Indy 500 live online and be part of the memorial weekend celebration.

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