Will boxing strengthen my wrists

Among the many inquiries I receive about boxing, is “will boxing Strengthen my wrist?’ . I know you are thinking about the same and here I reveal something to you.

Whether you kickboxing, boxing, or just training with your punching bag your wrists are really in work.it is an exercise and what gives, as an answer is your wrist becomes strong.

Moreover, there are some exercises in boxing that any boxer undertakes. Without any knowledge, this exercise strengthens your wrist.

If you are doing any of this as exercise, then your wrist will be strong.

Grip exercises

If you are doing grip exercises as part of your boxing training, then you are strengthening your grip. Apart from improving your wrist, it makes sure the upper body pulls, and push movements are strong.

Also, it improves shoulder stability.

Flexion, extension, and deviation training

If you are also undertaking flexion, extension, and deviation as part of your boxing training, then you are strengthening your wrist. This training aids to stretch out the tendons that make up your wrist.

Wrist injuries during boxing

On the other hand, boxing not only strengthens your wrist, but it is an agent of injury. During boxing, you can injure your wrist when you throw the punch. However, injuring your wrist does not imply that it was not strong. It all depends on the angle of your punch, and even if it was strong, it could end up being injured.

So, to best answer, your question,” Will boxing strengthen my wrists?. I say yes. I know you are training to be a pro boxer, and that implies strength. However, you also need to know that there are some injuries. So make sure to watch Spence vs Garcia live fight and learn about punching techniques to avoid wrist injuries.

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